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About us

       ShanDong WuDi WanTong Aquatic Products Processing Co.,Ltd is a group specialized in Seeding food and Ornamental fish food,established in 2012years,and our company made up by four parts including Artemia cysts factory,Artemia flake factory, Ornermental Fishfood factory , sea cucumbers and abalone feed.Our company is set up with techonogys of Chinese Sea University,well with many renowned scientists ,company has conducted very active research in nutrition and feed for the market with fish feed, advanced equipment, our products artemia cysts、artemia flake feed ,and FD river shrimp 、SD shrimp 、RD shrimp 、Bloodworm 、Gammarus、Dring fish 、Tenebrio molitor 、Daphnia、Limnodrilus 、Artemia cube、Decapsulated artemia cysts、Water fly、 Ornamental fish feed ,sea cucumber abalone feed in nutrition had a great break ,recoganized and widely used by domestic and oversea customers, export to Europe and the US ,Southeast Aaia.
          Our company has Ocean University of China science and technology achievements base 10000mu ,2 boats fishing,fishing net 50000 meters, in strict accordance HACCP and ISO9001 factory production, with 900tons freezing cold machine,high-technology worm eggs 2 group,the annual production of 200tons, large shrimp piece of good production machine 1 groups ,the annual production of  300tons,large low temperature machine 2 groups, the annual production of 300tons, 300-600  min mill 1 sets, annual production of  900tons .
We are the first one company who get the export lisences in the line of fishfood .We are a group company with breed、dredging 、product and seller.Master's distinctive competence lays in its unique nutrition and health solutions for reared aquatic animals. Our superior service and products have successfully helped customers improving their technology innovation,product development and market expansion.
       As an industry pilot, Master will take all efforts with our customers,collaborators,suppliers etc. to make more contribution to feed and aquaculture industry.